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Related article: Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 19:57:03 -0500 From: Cathe Subject: Changing Roles part 1Changing Roles Chapter 1The internet busts of the 1990's resulted in some interesting changes to family life as former millionaires struggled to find new jobs among the "riff-raff" they formerly shunned. Hot shot 30 year old wiz kids suddenly found themselves unemployed, and in many cases unemployable. The talents that made them instant millionaires all of a sudden made getting a job next to impossible. Some had no talents at all other than programming or being "idea" men. Such was the case of our subject family - the Reeds of Silicon Valley, California.The Reed family consisted of father Don, mother Jean, daughter Kim, and son Kenny. Don, now 32, was one house of models of those computer programming geniuses who made millions virtually overnight before they were 30 years old. models pree t cms childmodels His wife Jean, age 31, was his high school sweetheart. A pleasant and intellectually brilliant girl, though a plain one, Jean was the perfect match for teen models 13yo Don, also a plain looking guy bbw teen models who happened to be short of stature and not very muscular. In other words - he was a geek - not a jock in school. Virtually ignored by the cute girls, and a magnet to girls like Jean who valued brains more than brawn.Like many of his peers, Don had let his hair grow long, mainly because he had little concern for his looks and less for the effort needed to maintain himself. Jean tried to help with little success. She constantly was after him to shampoo his shoulder length hair, get his small framed body in shape, and generally pay some attention to himself. Since Jean was not a raving beauty, and in fact rather butch herself, she did not gigi models make a great impact on Don. But for whatever reason they fell in love and shortly after Don got his first big money ob he proposed to Jean and they got married. It was a lavish affair, depicting the enormous wealth Don had already acquired in his short career, and before he started his own company.Within 2years Don started his internet company. Within another year he went public. His IPO brought him wealth beyond his wildest dreams overnight. While his mid six figure salary in his first job was nothing to sneeze at for a 21 year old - the millions he made now changed his and Jeans life forever. They could now afford to do anything they dreamed of, start the family they longed for, and generally live life to the fullest with only the best of everything.Within another year they had the family they wanted - twins. A boy and a girl so beautiful everyone wondered if the hospital made a mistake at delivery. Except for their genitalia, the two babies were for all intents and purposes dasha vladmodel identical, with blonde hair, long eyelashes, and well shaped bodies. That became even more apparent as they grew up and started school.Facially, Kim and Ken were virtually identical bailey adult model from their cute button noses to their beautiful blonde hair. The only difference there was the way they wore it. Kim wore her hair in a perfectly cut chin length bob, while Ken wore his in the current fashion - almost the same length as his sister, but unstyled. Both were straight A students in grammar school. But like his father, Ken was not at all athletic, and like her mom Kim was not at all "girly". Kim was the athlete, and Ken was the sensitive one. But Kim, like her mom, had a secret. Even her brother didn't know she too was a hermaphrodite. This set the stage for the biggest change to affect the family after the internet bust. The kids were 16 at the time. Before the bust...Unbeknownst to their kids, Don and Jean shared a number of long held kinks and feelings. Primary among them was role changing - something they mutually discovered early in their marriage. Jean had a number of personality quirks that were difficult for her to reconcile, as did Don. Their life was filled with stress and they needed ways to reduce it to a manageable level. Some might consider their solution odd, but to them it made perfect sense and fit their personalities perfectly.Dons need was for contact. He loved to be touched, stroked, pampered and fussed over -generally a feminine trait. Jean, on the other hand, had a need to control or direct others - normally a male trait. They arrived at the key to their situation quite by accident, but knew instantly that they found the key to their happiness - they played role change games.Initially, their games consisted only of situational changes. Jean would control and direct the home environment, and Don would receive the pampering he needed from Jean. The children did not notice anything unusual going on, because many of their friends came from families where the mother ruled the roost. That was soon to change as their parents needs to relax passed the point where simple role games no longer satisfied them as the stress teen models 13yo of being internet millionaires drastically increased. There was the night, for example, when Kim got out of bed near midnight and saw her mother and father on the den couch in a passionate embrace. It would not have caused any confusion except for the fact that latin female models her mom was wearing her dads pajamas, and her dad was wearing her moms negligee. Worse, she noted, her moms short brown hair was slicked back like a mans, she wore no makeup, and she had a very unusual bulge in the crotch of her pajamas. Her father, on the other hand, was fully made up as a woman! She stood in shock watching them from the upstairs landing as her mother removed a bath towel from her fathers head - letting his shoulder length, freshly washed and conditioned hair tumble around his shoulders. She watched in fascination as her father sat on a stool in front of his wife and she gently combed the tangles from his hair while complimenting her "husband" on his pretty hair and makeup.Her father fairly glowed as his wife whispered "you look beautiful tonight, Donna. You did a wonderful job on your makeup, and your new outfit looks so sexy on you. We are going to have such fun relaxing together. I have the prettiest wife in town!""Wife?", "Donna?", thought Kim to herself. Her mother referred to her father as her wife?She heard her father sigh "thank you John - you are the best husband in the world!"Kim wondered what was going on. Her mother was calling her father nude preeen models Donna, and her father was calling his wife John. They were wearing what she figured were each others clothes, and they seemed perfectly comfortable and relaxed doing so.She considered waking Ken, but decided to watch her parents play alone for the present. It got more interesting very soon. As she watched in amazement, her mother began putting rollers in her fathers hair. Her father in fact handed the rollers to his wife from a large basket between his legs when she asked for one. Soon his head was covered with rollers, and her fathers models pree t face fairly glowed in pleasure. Between the rollers and makeup, her father looked more like a woman than a man, while her mother looked for all the world like her father did when he went to work, except for the shorter hair.Kim heard her mother whisper "pose for me, my darling wife." She saw her father rise from the stool and begin to float around the room in front of her mother in his beautiful negligee and high heeled slippers - amateur models topless his hair in neat rows of rollers, and his face expertly made up like a fashion model. He looked, she thought to herself, more beautiful than her mother, or even some of her friends mothers. She shivered involuntarily as she watched her riley child model father looking and acting like a woman. Kim found herself getting hot and damp in her crotch, and her breathing came faster and faster. She again considered waking her brother, but was unsure how he would react to seeing his father and role model dressed like a woman. So she sat and watched.Soon she heard her mom say softly, "Donna, dear, I think your hair should be dry by now. Come here and let me take your hair down. Then you can go and get dressed pretty for me. We have a few hours before the kids are up for school. I'll get them off in the morning and you can stay in the guest bedroom so you don't have to change again."Obediently, her father floated over to her mom and again sat on the stool. Her mother model rita g and father both were smiling and talking softly to each other as "John" removed the rollers from "Donna's" hair - complimenting "her" on how soft and pretty "her" hair was. Her dad looked perfectly content and happy as he sat there talking lovingly to his wife. Kim also noticed that her dads fingernails had been extended and beautifully polished a deep riley child model and sexy red to match his lipstick, as had his toenails.Soon, her fathers hair hung in pretty curls to his shoulders. She watched as he tossed his hair to and fro as he and her mom both smiled brightly."Such beautiful hair, Donna. I wish mine was as pretty and manageable as yours.""Thank you, John", her father replied. "I owe it all to you. I thank God every day for bringing you into my life and making me your wife. Please brush out my hair? I love it when my husband pampers me so."With that, John took a very expensive hairbrush and began brushing out Donna's curls until cms childmodels her hair shone like silk. John styled it in a very sexy look, put down the hairbrush and used his fingers to tousle Donna's beautiful hair and give it volume."Bend over and toss your hair over your head, darling", collectors aircraft models John whispered. Donna bent at the waist and smiled as she lifted her hair so it hung over her face. John then used his young 13year model fingers like a comb."Okay, darling, back you go" John whispered, and Donna sat back and flipped her hair back over her head where it fell in gorgeous waves round her face and shoulders.Kim watched fascinated as her father turned around to face his wife. He looked absolutely gorgeous! Her parents embraced and kissed deeply before her mother pushed her father back and whispered "go dress pretty for me, darling. I will put on something appropriate, too." They stood up and walked hand in hand towards the stairs and russian model 6yo upward. Kim had to beat a hasty retreat less she was discovered. She did not want to consider the repercussions if her parents knew she was watching their games. But she was too late.Her parents stopped in their tracks when they saw the figure dart back into the shadows of the landing."I think we have been found out, darling" she heard her father whisper. Strangely, he did not sound very upset by the fact that his daughter had seen him as a woman, and her mother as a man. In fact it was something of a relief.The truth comes out ..."Mom ... Dad ... what's going on?" Kim asked quietly. "Why are you dressed in each others clothes?""Well sweetie", her father said, "it's a long story. I hope you will understand why we do this - and have done it since before you and Ken were born. But I will tell you that I'm not wearing your moms clothes, and she isn't wearing mine."Glancing at his wife, he said "I guess we should retire to the guest room, darling, and try to explain this to our daughter?" Then turning again to Kim he said "Sweetheart ... are you uncomfortable seeing your dad like this? Would you prefer I change before we talk? What about Ken ... do you think we should wake him and explain this to both of you together? I don't know if he will understand this as well as a girl would."Kim looked at her parents carefully and noticed they didn't appear to be nervous about being seen at all, nor about having their son see them as well. In fact they bbw teen models both looked entirely at ease. The stress she normally saw in them was gone. They both glowed in their current roles. She was fascinated and wanted to know more."No dad, I'm okay. You and mom seem to be comfortable bailey adult model so it's not a problem, although if you really intend to bring Kenny into this I might consider putting something more casual on."Don noticed there was a slight smile on his daughters face, and he was thankful Kim was such an understanding young woman. He had a feeling that the years of hiding would soon be over. He looked at his adoring wife."Darling ... it appears our daughter is not only a beautiful young woman but a perceptive and worldly one to boot. Can I suggest that Kim goes and wakes her brother while we retire to the guest room and change into something a bit more appropriate before we explain all this to our kids? Maybe we should keep them home from school today so they have more time to digest what they will hear?" "I think that's a fine idea, darling. I have a feeling Kim will understand better than Kenny will. It will be difficult for him to see his father in his new role for a while.""What do you mean `new role', mom? What is happening?""Go wake your brother, sweetheart, then the two of you com to the guest room - our private room - and we'll try to explain. It may be difficult for all of us, but it's time we faced this head on ... no more hiding."Kim nodded her head and went off to wake her beautiful models naked brother, while Don and Jean walked slowly to their private room. Not their regular bedroom, but what the kids always knew as the "guest room", where they were never to enter. She and her brother had noted that their parents had spent more and more of their time inside that room. She wondered now what she would see when she entered, finally, the forbidden space. She wondered how her brother would handle this. Would their dad still be dressed like a woman when they next saw them? What would Kenny think if he was?Don and Jean walked slowly down the long hallway to the guest room - really a suite of rooms. They knew their life was now going to change forever. They had dreamed of this day - and dreaded this day - for many years. It was finally going to happen."We better hurry and change, darling", Jean said softly. "I'm going to put on some casual slacks and a shirt for the occasion. I suggest something simple and casual for you as well? Kenny will probably take this hard - we don't want to make it more difficult for him by dressing too flamboyantly."Jean walked to her closet/dressing room while Don walked into his - the larger of the two. Jean gathered up a pair of khaki Dockers, a smart cotton shirt, and a full set of underwear and socks. Men's underwear. She sat at her dressing bench and removed her pajama top. She then stood and slowly faced her wall mirror as she slipped the bottoms off. She stood and glanced wistfully at her image in the mirror. Her secret - known only to her husband and her parents - was soon o be revealed to her children. She ran her hands over her chest, and the nipples that were all that remained of her formerly 32B breasts. She had them removed on their last vacation in Mexico and the kids never noticed thanks to the horrendously expensive breast forms she normally wore - the same ones her husband now wore when they were alone in the evenings or on vacation. That would soon change, too, when he had the implants he had dreamt about for so long. Te hormones he had been taking secretly for the past year had helped but both of them wanted much larger boobs to play with.When she stood and slipped her bottoms off her second - and most personal - secret revealed itself. Her cock. Actually, her clit, but that was a moot point since she also had a vagina. What was unusual about her clit was that it was nearly as big as her husbands cock - to their great delight. For most of her life she hid her secret from everyone. She never went to the beach or pools with friends, never let a male friend touch her below the waist, never wore clothes that had any chance of revealing her most special secret. Only her parents knew she was a hermaphrodite until the day she entrusted model site young Don with her secret. It was never an issue between them, and certainly hadn't interfered with her becoming pregnant - although her first visit to a gynecologist amateur models topless brought about some head scratching. She should not have been able to get pregnant, but she had. The delivery would be something of a problem, but nothing a C-Section could not resolve. She had been covered with a sheet before any of the nurses had seen anything "unusual" about the expectant mother. But that was in the past - the future called her and her husband to their destinies.Don stood in front of his wall mirror in the larger dressing room/closet. He tossed his hair and felt the breasts emerging from his chest. He could hardly wait until teen models 13yo the day was done and he could visit his plastic surgeon to get his implants. The hormones were not doing enough for his liking. He heard his wife ask if he was almost ready and said he needed 10 minutes or so, then he slipped out of the negligee and walked naked to his extensive closet. It was perfectly arranged like you would expect of a math genius. Sections dedicated to casual clothes ... skirts, blouses, dresses by the dozens, hung by groups. Drawers filling to overflowing with panties, bras, corsets, girdles, stockings, etc. Shelves filled with sweaters, scarves and the like. An entire wall filled with dressy dresses - cocktail dresses, gowns, suits galore. More clothes than most women could dream about. But money wasn't an ls model children issue with the Reeds, since there were more millions in the bank. And shoes! There must be 100 or so pairs of shoes. Heels, flats, dressy boots of every color and style. Of course his wife took what she wanted, since they were exactly the same size. She occasionally borrowed one of his dresses or other outfits too - again because they wore the same size in clothing as well. How fortuitous! On another wall stood a glass enclosed case full to overflowing with some of the most beautiful - and expensive - 100% European human hair wigs you could imagine. Every color and style, all professionally styled and maintained. Most cost upwards of $1000, but it was money well spent for they were for all intents and purposes undetectable when worn. Natural hairlines intended to be attached to the skin with gum adhesive and blended with makeup. Here was no chance of an accident or inadvertent pull displacing the wigs. Special solvent was needed to remove the glue so they could be removed. Don didn't use them as much now that his own hair had grown in, but during lay with his cms childmodels wife either he or she would occasionally wear one - especially when a casual or very dressy outfit called for something more or a different color than his natural dark brown hair.Quickly, Don selected a light cotton casual skirt, knee length, madras plaid. Walking to the blouses area, he selected a collared, sleeveless, white cotton shell. From his underwear drawers he removed a pair of plain white silk panties and matching bra, a white garter belt, and pair of gigi models sheer "nude" sandal foot stockings. Lastly, he selected a pair of white sling back sandals. africa teens models Walking back to his dressing room he slipped into his undies, skirt, model teen galaries and then slipped on the blouse and tucked it in. He made sure everything hung properly, because he didn't want to be seen less than perfectly dressed. gwen model He slipped his sandals on over his stockinged feet and stood in front of his mirror for a final check. Suddenly remembering he wasn't amature models photos wearing any jewelry, he selected a pair of diamond stud earrings from his vast collection and inserted them into the disguised piercing in his ears. A plain diamond pendant followed, and a simple diamond ring and wedding band on his left hand completed his outfit - an just in time as he heard a gentle knock at the door announcing the arrival of his children.Jean appeared at his door t say she would let the kids in and would call him when she had prepared Ken. "You look lovely, dear", she whispered."And you look very handsome, darling" he replied with a smile on his face. "I'll be waiting to make my entrance. You realize there is no going back now, don't you, my love?""Yes darling" she whispered, but it's time. We have waited dasha vladmodel so long and I'm sick of hiding. The kids will be shocked, but they will handle it - they're great kids." Turning to answer the door she looked back over her shoulder and giggled "perhaps something a little less girly with the hair for the moment, dear?"Don gazed at his image in the mirror. He didn't even think about his hair while he dressed - the style was one he preferred, and very girly it was with al the lustrous curls and waves about his face and shoulders. Maybe it was more than his son could handle - as if seeing his dad dressed as a pretty woman wasn't enough of a shock. His daughter handled it well, since girls are generally more receptive to such things. He was worried about Kenny, though.He picked up his brush and africa teens models tried to smooth out some of the curls, but there was little he could do now to make it look less girly. He decided teen playboy models to just clip each side back with a pretty beret and be done with it. Once his secret was out - and especially his wife's secret - it would not matter. He stood looking at himself in the mirror as he waiting for his wife's call.The kids learn the secrets and face the future ...Jean answered the door, opened it and stood quietly as Kenny's mouth fell open. He looked at her quizikly and then at his sister next to him. Kim just nodded and gently lead him into the room. He turned and stared at his mother and looked up and down."Mother? Why are you dressed in dads clothes? What's going on? Kim told me you and dad needed to talk to us, but what ...? Where is dad?""Everything in time, sweetheart" , she whispered, "and these are not your fathers clothes - they're mine. Honey ... your sister has an idea what is going on because your dad and I got careless tonight. It's no longer possible to hide this from you kids, and I think you're old enough to know the truth and be able to handle it. At least I hope so. Please sit and let me start to explain before your dad joins us.""Kim ... I imagine you think you know what's going on with your dad and me. You think we were just playing fun games tonight, am I right?""Yes, mom ... I ... ah... that is ...""It's okay, dear. I know it's confusing, to say the least. You thought we were playing some kind of sex game or role playing. Well, it goes beyond that. WAY beyond that. Now depending on how you look at things that can either be good or bad. Dad and I hope and pray you can make some good come of it, because our sanity depends on it." Jean looked calmly at the kids as they looked at each other and back to their mom. "Kim? ... what..." whispered Kenny to his sister."Kenny ... I thought I knew, but now I'm as confused as you kelley teen model are."The kids again turned to their mother and waited for her to say something."Kids ... this is not easy to say, and will probably be hard for you to understand, but I'll try and then your father will join us. There will most likely be some embarrassment all around but it has to be done once and for all."The kids held each others hands as if they suspected either their mom or dad had a fatal illness and were about to get the bad news. In a way that was not far from fact.Jean sighed and took a deep breath nude preeen models before rusian teen models saying softly ... "Okay - here we go ...Kids ... do I look very peaceful and relaxed in these clothes? I hope so, because I am .It's a part of me I covered for a long time. Only your father knew besides your grandparents. The fact is I am partly male..."Kim cut her off ..."Yes mom - we learned in biology class that all men and women have chromosomes of both sexes, but one is primary. So you and daddy are just getting in touch with your other side, right?""What are you talking about, Kim? What did you find out tonight?" Kenny asked.Kim looked at her mom latin female models - who nodded okay - and then at her brother. Kenny ... I got up a while ago for some water and to go to the bathroom. I heard some talking down stairs ad assumed mom and dad were watching a movie or something. Well, they were, sort of, but also making out. The thing was ... Mom? (who nodded yes again) ... well ... they were wearing each others night clothes."Kenny looked at his sister and mother questioningly. "What do you mean .. wearing each others clothes.""Open your eyes, Kenny ... what is mom wearing now? She was wearing a pair of men's pajamas.""And dad..?" Kenny asked in amazement ..."Dad was wearing a pair of moms pajamas?""Not exactly, Ken - he was wearing a gorgeous night gown. And ... mom? (again she nodded to continue) ... Kenny, daddy was wearing makeup and mommy was curling his hair. Actually, he looked beautiful.""Get out of here!", Kenny yelled. "You have to be kidding me! Dad would never dress up like a woman - he's not queer or anything!"Jean took Kenny's hand. "No dear - your dad is NOT queer. Let me try to explain better.""Kids ... you might not remember because you were so young, but before he sold his company he was under an unbelievable amount of pressure in his jobs. He was close to a total breakdown litte models more than once. Now ... your dad and I both have certain things we need in our lives to be able to function. Unfortunately it took me a long time ... TOO long ... to recognize what your dad needed. Unlike most men, your dad needed to be papered, and touched, and understood. His needs - which I resisted for too long - were those most women ask for. If I didn't know your father since high school I would have been scared to reach out to his needs. I thank God now that I did, because I think it may have saved his sanity and maybe his life ... because your dad has a very strong feminine side.""That's right, kids", Don said as he walked into the room. Kenny's and Kim's jaws dropped when they saw their father dressed totally like a woman. Hair, makeup, clothes ... He looked gorgeous! He walked so easily in his heels, and spread his skirt under him before sitting next to his wife. "Your mom is correct. I was heading for a teen models 13yo breakdown and your mother - my dear wife - nude mom models saved me."Don leaned in and kissed his wife tenderly on the lips as she smiled lovingly at his and brushed his hair off his face. "You look lovely, Donna" she whispered. "Thank you, John." He answered softly. The kids could only stare at ls model children their parents, unable to talk. They merely looked at each other and then at their parents before Kim spoke."Mommy? Daddy? This isn't a kinky game, is it?" she asked, matter of factly."No, it's not, Kim" her father spoke softly. "One night after a particularly bad day, your mother and I had a terrible fight. Neither of us at that time understood the others needs. I was not a good husband to your mother, I'm sorry to admit. My mind was focused entirely on making money. I thought that's what husbands did - make money - and nothing else mattered."Jean looked at him with loving eyes. "Go on, darling - you're doing fine.""Kenny, this will probably be more difficult for you because of the father/son mystique, so I hope you can give your dad the benefit of the doubt."He rose from his wife's side and sat next to his son. With some resistance, he took Kenny's hand and held it in his beautifully manicured fingers and held it in his skirted lap."Son ... I was never sure your mother loved me or not. That's not easy for me to say, especially right in front of her, but it's true. I could never understand why she didn't see what it was I needed from her, or why she didn't see the real me I tried so hard to conceal."Kenny sat with his eyes cast downward, unable to look his "father" in the eyes. He was so upset over seeing his father dressed so beautifully as a woman that it was simply beyond his ability to accept."Son..." he began again, and he ran his long red nails through his sons hair , "please try to understand." he said softly. "This is more difficult for me than it is you, I swear it."Kenny nude mom models turned his head an looked closely at his fathers face. A tear fell down his cheek. "Okay, dad. This is just so hard!""I know, son" Don whispered, and again ran his fingers through his sons hair. He slid closer to his son teen modeling contest and put his arm around his shoulders, pulling him close. He was amazed but pleased to see his son rest his head against his shoulder. Kenny's hand squeezed his free hand tightly."I love you, dad. Please tell me why this is happening?"Now a tear fell models panties down Dons cheek after hearing his son say he loved him."God, Kenny - I wish I knew, but I don't. It just happened and I've been trying to deal with it since you and your sister were children. Thank God for your mother or I surely would have killed myself."Dons fingers lovingly caressed his sons hair at the back of his neck, and Kenny cuddled closer to his father. Jean had already gone to sit next to Kim, and together they smiled at the sight of father and son hugging each other. Kim had said many times that Kenny was not connected to his father and needed to be. Girls seem to have an innate sense about such things. She glanced at her mom, asking without saying anything if she had a secret as well. Jean sensed that and simply nodded yes to her daughter."Kenny ... that night I nearly broke down, your mother sensed something in me that I had tried to deny a long time. I was out of control sobbing and begging for understanding. Son, I hated what I was, and what I had to pretend to be. You've seen I did basically nothing around here a man and husband should do. Your mother did everything I should have done. The truth is I didn't know boy models xxx how to do a man's work. I never had to. All I ever did gerber baby model was think. Come up with ideas. That was my job and my life. But in order to function, I also needed continuous reinforcement. I needed to be touched, and held. I needed to know I was loved. I needed to be directed and told what I needed to do. Basically, I needed the kinds of things most women needed. Your mother, on the other hand, needed none of that. Your mother goes about things much like a man does. She seems to know what has to be done and just does it. Unlike most women, she doesn't need to be told she's loved all the time, and other female traits. Anyway, your mother cuddled me, and whispered over and over that she loved and needed me. She kissed me and hugged me, and I began to regain control. What she did was treat me like a husband was supposed to treat his wife - only I was the wife and she the husband. It dawned on us both that we both were in the wrong role in our marriage. I was more comfortable doing the role of the wife and she the husband."Ken looked at his dad with a glimmer of understanding. "You want to be a girl, dad? Like one of those guys in the movies who dress like women?"Don laughed softly. "I wish it was that simple, son. It's not. No, I don't want to go around dressed like a woman. That would probably be the easier way out. No son - I don't want to act like a woman ... I want ... I NEED ..,. to BE a woman."Don now had his son and daughters undivided attention."Kids", he said, "I have already started - with your mothers complete agreement - the process of becoming a woman. I have been taking hormones for almost 2 years now and have been seeing a team of bailey adult model doctors. So has your mom, which we will get into shortly. Now that this is out in the open, I want you both to know that your mother and I have agreed to go ahead fully with the process. She has already made an appointment with a plastic surgeon, who will give me breast implants and some cosmetic work on my face to make me look more feminine. He will also do a reduction on my larynx to get rid of that bump men have. You haven't noticed because of my shirts, but I already have 34B breasts. Looking at his daughter he laughed "the same size as you, Kimmie!" But your mom likes big boobs, so I will soon be a 40C!"The kids stared at there mother as she sat there with a devilish grin on her face. "Mom? You WANT daddy to be a girl and have big boobs?""Yes, kids" she laughed. "A man always wants his wife to have big boobs!""But mommy" Kim said softly ... "you're nude preeen models not a man - you're a woman!"Taking a deep breath, Jean said "well kids, here's the thing ...In a way, I AM a man - or partly, anyway. That's another thing young nue models we've kept hidden since I was little. Your dad knows and your grandparents of course know.""Know what, mom? If you're a man, we must be adopted! A man can't have children!""Oh no, kids - you are definitely not adopted! I am your real mom and dad is your real dad. The doctors can't explain how I got pregnant, but I did and I carried you for 9 months. See you are both confused. This is a confusing day, so just listen to MY story this time."Kim and Kenny now sat together with confused looks on their faces.Don spoke first. "Kids, have either of you ever heard the term hermaphrodite?"Both shook their heads no."Well, as your mom will explain in more detail, she is one. A hermaphrodite is someone who has the genitalia of both sexes."The kids now stared open mouthed at their mom. This was getting too much to handle. First their dad was becoming a woman, and now they find out their mom is half man, half woman? This was getting just too weird."That's right, kids," Jean said softly, "I have a vagina like a woman, but I also have a penis. I was born that way and nobody but your dad and grandparents know except of course the doctor who delivered you. Even his nurses don't know."Ken spoke next. "So what you're telling us is that dad is going to be a woman, and mom is going to be a man, is that right?"Don poke ..."More or less, kids. Mom and I haven't yet decided if I will have my penis removed and a vagina constructed. Since your mom has a penis and a vagina, well ...""DADDY!!!", Kim yelled."Well kids, that's how life is sometimes. We can each be what the other needs at the time.""Wait a minute, now" Kim said. "Mom has both a vagina and a penis, so you can ... you bianca fetish model know ... do her as a man or woman. Okay africa teens models ... but you only have a ... oh no ...""Yes, Kim." Her father almost giggled, "she can do me back there if she wants to - or I want her to."Kenny suddenly looked up in recognition. "In your ass, dad?! Mommy will put her penis in your ass?""Sure honey," Jean laughed. "Your dad has taken me there many times and it's very nice if done right. Isn't that right, honey?""Absolutely, darling" Don giggled girlishly.The kids noticed right away that their parents had become more confident in their new roles right before their eyes. Their dad flirted girlishly with their mom, and their mom took control of the situation as if she was the man.Jean sat beside her daughter again while Kenny sat beside his father and again held hands and cuddled against his shoulder. He was obviously a lot more comfortable with the situation than he let on. Kim, in the meantime, sat with her arms around her mothers neck."Kim darling", mom said, "you understand this a lot better than your brother, don't you? You should, anyway. Maybe it's time to tell all the family secrets? Does your brother know?Ken looked at his gorgeous sister. "Tell me teenmodel list what, sis? What now! I can't take much more of this!""Maybe you should just get it over with and show your brother, darling" Jean whispered with a laugh. "In for a penny - in for a pound, they say!""Mom!" Kim said uneasily, "he's my brother!" "Yes dear - he is" said Jean, "but he will know eventually.""Okay, mother. If you and daddy insist", and she stood up and unbuttoned her pajama bottom. She had never worn a girly night gown. Her brother was staring at her and his parents in amazement that his sister was about to undress in front of him. For years he had wondered what his beautiful sister looked like unclothed. A 16 year old boy wonders what pussy looks like, no matter whose pussy it is. If that pussy is his sisters - who is one of the most gorgeous girls he had ever seen ... so much the better. His father - or was it mother collectors aircraft models now? - sat back smiling and egging his daughter on. His mother ... father? ...was actively assisting his sisters undressing. Standing between her parents, Kim unbuttoned tiny preeteen models and removed her pajama top, leaving only a short chemise top covering her 38B breasts, to her brothers disappointment. He had hoped to see his sister totally naked.With a nervous sigh, his sister let her pajama bottoms fall from her hand to the floor, where she stepped out of them. His sisters awesome legs opened, and Kenny gasped."Holy shit!"His sister had a cock! She, like her mother, was a hermaphrodite!Twists and turns ..."Waaaait a minute," Kenny moaned, "we're twins! How can Kim be a hermaphrodite like mom if we're twins? Wouldn't that mean that I ... oh no ..."Don squeezed Kenny's hand tightly again and ran his fingers through his sons hair gently. "We don't know yet, son, but it's possible you are like me and have excessive female chromosomes. We will need to have you examined to be sure, but I think we can be fairly sure that is the case. Your build is more feminine than tiny preeteen models masculine, as everyone has noticed for a long time, your features and especially your hair are very feminine. Your sister has always been beautiful but you are even more so.""But I don't want to be a girl, dad!" Kenny wailed, burying his face in his fathers bosom."Son ... you are so much like me. You need to be touched and comforted. You like your hair long and soft. E see this in you all the time. Your mannerisms tend to be feminine much of the time, despite trying to hide it. Son ... don't make your life hell like mine was. Give in to your softer side and enjoy your gift.""Daddy is right, Ken", Kim said softly. She joined her brother on the couch next to her father and took her brothers free hand. "You know I'm more butch than you are. Neither one of us has enjoyed living up to our role in life. I hate girly things! Hate having to wear dresses and makeup, and having to do my hair all the time. That's why I got mommy to go along with getting it cut, and wearing pants most of the time. And you ... You love to see girls all dressed up pretty with pretty hair and makeup. You hate to see me in pants, doing guys things. And what about the time I dressed you up in my clothes ..." "KIM! That was supposed to be a secret! Why are you telling this in front of teen playboy models mom and dad!""Oh Kenny - I told mommy about that a long time ago and she was top rated models fine with it. Obviously we now know why, don't we daddy? The fact is, you had a fun time with me. It was obvious to gerber baby model me you were aroused by wearing my pretty clothes and having me make you up and do your hair in curlers.""Don't be embarrassed, dear" Don whispered to his son. "I understand completely. And besides - we knew something was going on because of the curl in your normally straight hair. You can't brush curl out that fast - it has to be shampooed out. And there was still a hint of mascara on your eyes the rest of the day. I have to tell you, though, that your mom and I thought you looked adorable.So, my son ... would you like to join me on this adventure? Kim has already told us that she would prefer to live the male role like your mother. It will be very easy for all this to happen since you are twins. All we need to do is latin female models change roles and names - everything else would be a natural swap nobody would be likely russian model 6yo to gwen model take note of. If you agree, Kim will start dressing amature models photos more girly for a while so the transfer would be natural. We don't have to worry about schools since we can well afford to have you both tutored. We will put you on hormones right away and you look so feminine already not a soul would notice situational leadership model the qvc models naked two of you changing roles. What do you say? Kim has an entire dressing room full of girly clothes and things, makeup she has never used, sexy undies, etc. All you kids have to do is change rooms!"Come on, Kenny" Kim whispered. "You know you want to do this! Whatever you decide, I am going to start living as your brother ... mom and dad already told me I could. It will be so much easier for me and the family if you just go along and take my place as the girl! Please, Kenny?""Kim is right, dear", Jean said dasha vladmodel gently. Daddy and I are definitely going to take each others place butt models in the family and sexually. It would be easier if you and Kim swapped genders rather than trying to explain how our twin son and daughter are now twin boys. But it's your decision, Kenny. We won't pressure you either way."Kenny gazed into his fathers eyes, then at the expectant expressions on his mother and sisters faces. It was really a no-brainer, in thinking about it. He had those feelings for a long time and didn't quite know how to handle them, and he dare not talk to his father about them - at least his father prior to how he looked at this moment."Yes", he whispered. His family wasn't quite sure what he said and asked him to say again."I said yes ... YES bikini model ... I'll do it!" and threw his arms around his beautiful father.continued .....
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